Mechanistic Characterization of Uterine Pain (MCUP)

Who- Individuals ages 18-45 with regular menstrual cycles who either have painful periods, uterine fibroids, endometriosis or who have none of the above to participate as healthy controls. You cannot have an IUD to participate in this study

Why- We hope to study the physiological cause of menstrual pain and learn why a common over the counter NSAID helps or may not help with cramping pain 

Where- Department of Gynecology at Evanston Hospital, right off the Central stop on the CTA Purple line

What- This study is observing how MRI technology can be used to learn more about painful periods and how naproxen (Aleve) can help people manage their menstrual pain. The study involves 3 visits: A 2 hour screen visit which will include filling out questionnaires and sensory tests and 2 separate 4-5 hour MRI visits on a participant’s menses that include taking either naproxen or a placebo drug. Participants must abstain from taking painkillers 8-12 hours before each MRI visit.

Compensation- Up to $350-375 compensation is possible.

To participate, please call 847-570-2622 or email or click the link below to fill out our online questionnaire

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Who: Healthy kids ages 10-13 who have not gotten their first period.

Why: We are studying how menstruation affects bodily awareness. We hope to learn about the development of period pain and about bladder and muscle pain.

Where: Department of Gynecology at Evanston Hospital, right off the Central stop on the CTA purple line 


We are doing a study of women's health around puberty.

This study provides NO treatment. 

The study involves a 3hr visit each year for 3 consecutive years.

A parent or legal guardian is needed at the start of each visit.

Testing includes questionnaires, a bladder test for fullness, mild pressure tests, collection of saliva and urine samples, and measurement of heart rate, breathing rate, and brain activity.

Compensation: Up to $400 in gift cards and parking validation.

To participate please contact us at 847-570-2622 to learn more and to complete a phone screen to see if your child is eligible. Refer to the “Teen Study”. Or email

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Who: Women ages 18-80 with chronic pelvic pain and/or bladder pain (lasting at least 3 months)

Why: Overall we hope to learn how to prevent the development of IC/PBS or slow the worsening of symptoms 

Where: Department of Gynecology at Evanston Hospital, right off the Central stop on the CTA Purple Line 

What: This study is meant to help us learn about how women with chronic pelvic pain respond and handle their painful experience. It takes 24 weeks (6 months) which involve 5 in person visits and 24 weekly home tasks. The study involves receiving an 8-week drug intervention (or placebo), followed by a crossover where you will take 8 weeks of placebo (or drug). This drug, called metoprolol, is a beta-blocker and is commonly used to treat migraines and control blood pressure. We think this drug helps those with chronic pelvic pain respond to pain flares by modulating their heart rate, but we do not know this for sure.

Compensation: Up to $400 compensation is possible 

To participate, please call 847-570-2622 or email