Left to Right: Kat Dillane, Ellen Garrison, Genevieve Roth, Gabby Ashenafi, Maggie Schroer, Dr. Kevin Hellman (PhD), Dr. Frank Tu (MD)



Research Coordinator

Kat is from the Chicago suburbs and studied psychology, biology, and neuroscience at Loyola University Chicago. She worked with the GyRL Lab from 2014-2016 as a Research Assistant, and in 2019 she returned to the lab as a Research Coordinator after living abroad for a few years. She loves working in women’s health research because it allows her to help remedy the challenges and barriers women face when seeing compassionate, patient centered healthcare, and she hopes to continue working for the GyRL while currently pursuing her Master's in Community Health Practice at DePaul University.



Research Nurse

Ellen is from the Chicago suburbs and received her BS in Biology from the University of Michigan. She worked for a few years as a pharmaceutical rep and decided to go back to school to pursue her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Rush. After 10 years as a Labor and Delivery nurse and Assistant Unit Director of a post-partum unit, she changed course and discovered her passion for research.

Ellen enjoys working in women’s health because it is so understudied.  For too long women with menstrual pain have been with limited options for therapies and treatments.  The research we are doing is taking steps forward in understanding the basic mechanisms behind the pain and she enjoys figuring out the “why”.



Research Coordinator

Gen is originally from the Chicago suburbs and she graduated from Loyola University Chicago in 2017 with a BS in Psychology and minors in Women's & Gender Studies and French Language & Literature. She enjoys working in women's health because she believes in educating women about their bodies and is passionate about supporting gynecological research. In the fall of 2020, she will begin pursuing her PhD in Clinical Psychology where she hopes to combine her interests in women's health, psychology, and neuroscience.



Research Assistant

Gabby is from San Diego, CA and she graduated from Northwestern University in 2019 with a BA in Religious Studies. As a Research Assistant in our lab, she has been exposed to the intricacies of pelvic pain that women silently endure. She hopes to pursue a career in medicine and help eradicate misconceptions regarding menstrual pain as well as advocate for more research regarding women’s health



Research Assistant

Maggie Schroer is a Research Assistant for the GyRL at NorthShore Evanston Hospital. She received her BA in psychology with minors in Biology and Women’s and Gender Studies from Loyola University Chicago in 2019. During her time at Loyola, her studies, involvement in research, and personal passions allowed her to flourish into a role as an empowered female leader with a desire to support women’s healthcare.  During her time with the GyRL, Maggie has begun her journey to eradicate gender gaps within society and health care. Her next step in her career is to receive her Masters of Science in Nursing and eventually become a Nurse Midwife. Overall, her vocation in life is to compassionately heal and support women in order to improve their overall quality of life and develop a more just social order



Research Assistant

Sarah is originally from St. Louis, MO and she graduated from Loyola University Chicago in 2020 with her BS in Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience & Psychology. She has a strong research background in sensory modalities and is interested in how menstrual pain may influence these mechanisms. She is also passionate about advocating for women’s independent access to health care and pain management related to pelvic disorders. She aims to pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology and hopes to make positive change for women not only in healthcare but in science and education too.



Post Doctoral Research Fellow

Matt earned a BS in Psychology: Natural Sciences from Loyola University Chicago (2013) and a PhD in Cognition and Neuroscience from The University of Texas at Dallas (2019). As a postdoctoral research fellow, he studies mechanisms of menstrual pain using EEG and MRI related techniques. His goal is to optimally identify mechanistic pathways of neurocognitive pain sources to better identify, treat, and prevent maladaptive pain.


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