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The GyRL conducts research on the physiological basis for pelvic pain and longitudinal trials for prevention of chronic pelvic pain. You can register to participate in all of our studies by filing out a questionnaire below. For more details on our studies scroll below.

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WHO: Healthy girls age 11-13.

WHERE: Evanston Hospital. Located just off the Central CTA Purple line stop.

WHAT: We are doing a study of young women’s health around puberty. This study provides NO treatment. We are studying how menstruation affects bodily awareness.

The study involves a 3hr session once a year for 3 consecutive years. A parent or legal guardian is required to attend the first 30 minutes of the baseline visit with their child to sign a consent form & complete a questionnaire before testing can begin. Testing includes:


Bladder Testing:

o Your child will be asked to drink water and rate their bladder urgency and pain. We will also do abdominal ultrasounds.

Pressure Tests:

o Sensitivity to pressure on the shoulder, and knee will be measured.

Collection of saliva and urine samples

Measurement of heart rate, breathing rate and brain activity

COMPENSATION: Up to $400 in gift cards and parking validation. ($100 for each visit and additional compensation for filling out questionnaires at home)

INTERESTED? Please contact us at 847-570-2622 to learn more and to complete a phone screen to see if your child is eligible. Refer to the “Teen Study”. Or email



WHO: Women ages 18-45 who experience dysmenorrhea (painful periods) or women without cramps to be healthy controls (and want to help their friends out). We are also recruiting some women with migraine headaches and painful bladder syndrome (PBS).

WHERE: Department of Gynecology at Evanston Hospital

WHAT: Two visits. One screening visit including a gynecological exam and
questionnaires and a second visit examining how sensitive you are to pressure on your muscles, cold water and using EKG, EMG, and ultrasound. Up to $200 compensation will be provided. Some participants with painful periods and PBS will be asked to continue on into a second phase of the study, which involves 2 additional assessment visits and a 1 year trial of free birth control

pills. Participants in phase 2 will be compensated up to an additional $500.

A video about this study is here .

To participate please call 847-570-2622 

or email 

or click the link below 



Interstitial Cystitis/Bladder Pain Syndrome (IC/BPS) afflicts 3 to 8 million women in the US. Symptoms of IC/BPS reduce quality of life, suppressing both social well-being and physical function. This proposal aims to move the science of chronic pelvic pain (CPP) from simple associations towards an investigation of cause and effect relationships. The investigators will determine whether the striking changes in autonomic nervous system responsiveness (ANS-R) contribute meaningfully to the pathogenesis of IC/BPS.

If you are interested in participating as healthy control or have bladder pain syndrome please contact Kat Dillane  at  847-570-2552